Notice & Wonder

Noticing & Wondering – Day 4

Today’s activity is taken from Youcubed’s Week of Inspirational Math. It involves taking the structure of noticing and wondering and extending it into an activity. And I think everyone could enjoy this one. What do you notice? What do you wonder? Here are some other questions that Youcubed has included: What questions do you have? What information does this graph provide? Other questions might be which emoji is the least cute? Do you agree with that? Which emoji does this person like the most? How do you know that? Where would you put cat emojis? Why are the emojis with … Continue reading Noticing & Wondering – Day 4

What is noticing and wondering? – Day 1

As an educator, I want to cultivate curiosity. This structure of noticing and wondering about an image allows for all students to share what they see and what they are curious about. What this structure teaches: see things in a variety of ways hear how other people see things – so yes, empathy to some extent curiosity – how did you see that or what made you see it that way? how to connect what I know to something unfamiliar What math this structure teaches: there is more than one way to see something vocabulary will share more after some … Continue reading What is noticing and wondering? – Day 1